Be a Guest Blogger

DMD is currently seeking individuals that would be interested in writing an post as a guest blogger on our blog.

Why guest blog?

While there is a lot of information about Duchenne muscular dystrophy on the web, very little of it is from the perspective of someone living with DMD.  Writing a post as a guest for our blog gives you an opportunity to share your voice with the world and the DMD community.

How to submit your post

Once you have written your post, email it to along with any photos you would like included.

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Content: We are interested in original content that would be a benefit to those with DMD from the perspective of someone with DMD.  You may write about something you are involved in relating to DMD or you may simply write something about yourself. Because this is a blog, your post should be written in an informal tone that encourages discussion (meaning not like an encyclopedia entry or a serious news article). Humor is encouraged as it is something people really seem to relate to.
  • Headline: Try to come up with a eye grabbing headline that will get people wanting to read it. If you have trouble with this, don’t worry, we can write one for you.
  • Word Count: Posts should be a minimum of 350 and not to exceed 800 words. Posts that are too wordy may cause readers not to finish reading.
  • Editing: We will proofread your post and may make minor changes if needed. We generally do not reject posts unless their content is objectionable or off topic or intended as an advertisement.
  • Photos: You are strongly encouraged to include relevant photos along with your post. Please gain permission before submitting any photos that you do not hold the copyright for.
  • Mini Bio: Please provide a short one or two sentence bio about yourself to be included at the end of your post. You may include a link to your own website if you have one.