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Blogger Introduction: Mark

My thirty four year journey living with DMD has taken me on a path filled with experiences both good and bad.  Growing up in Jamestown North Dakota, I had as normal of a childhood as one with DMD can have.  I attended regular public school and graduated high school in 1993.

After high school, I lived independently until 2002, when I developed respiratory failure, got trached, and was put on a vent.  The next three and half years of my life were spent in a nursing home until I moved to Missoula Montana in the fall of 2006 to live with friends.  I’m currently a sophomore journalism student at the University of Montana and hope to graduate in 2011.  In my spare time, I hang out with our 6 Pugs, do some photography, Facebook with friends/family, and enjoy the beauty of western Montana.

I’ll be blogging about living independently while on a vent, my college experiences, disability advocacy, and everyday life with DMD.

  • Jonathan Hinek

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you have learned about living independently. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the bravery it took for you to make some of the moves you had to make. You’re definitely a survivor. Keep it up.