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Blogger Introduction: Stephen

I live in South Western region of the Canadian province of Ontario. I’m 33 years old and live with both my parents in a small three bedroom home with a good sized yard. It has a small man made pond of my design and a good sized vegetable garden. I have a younger sister who lives near by with her husband and two young sons. My life is a pretty tranquil and laid back, I am quite content with my books, music, and television programs. I am totally dependent on a wheelchair and I am also 100% dependent on a ventilator via tracheotomy. I also have a gastric feeding tube or more commonly known as a G-tube because I have difficulty chewing and swallowing solid food. I will be occasionally writing about aspects of living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, such as the daily and long-term challenges I face as well the solutions I’ve found that help me overcome such challenges.

  • Jonathan Hinek

    Hey Stephen,

    I didn’t realize you’re from Canada, but that’s probably just my faulty memory at work again. I look forward to hearing more from you and some of the others who are joining us. My thinking is that the group blog will be a great way to show people the different flavors of what it is like to live with Duchenne. Maybe it will also get the attention of more people like us. Hopefully, it will also be a good resource for people who don’t have access to the Yahoo group for whatever reason. This way, they can ask us questions in the comments section.