09 December 2012 - by ~ 1 Comment

New Design for DMD Pioneers.org

DMD Pioneers.org has been redesigned for your viewing pleasure. The site’s design utilizes the Mainstream theme from WooThemes and now better showcases the bloggers writings in a clear and vibrant manner. Nearly all of the features of the previous design have been retained with exception to the ‘DMD in the News ‘  feed from Yahoo! News.

Along with the new design, DMD Pioneers.org is now powered by WordPress, the most popular blogging tool on the planet! The switch from Joomla to WordPress will allow for easier administration of the website and will provide better flexibility for the future of the site.

Because the change of the design is so fresh, you may have some helpful comments and suggestions on ways to improve the website. You are encouraged to comment on this post with any concerns and suggestions you may have.

  • jar557

    I like this format. Very clean and easy to navigate.