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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

Okay, guys you asked for it and giving it to you. Two weeks ago I became very disappointed in the voice recognition option on Windows. I’m not crazy about having to use voice activated software, but enough is enough. I figured I had to pay a little bit more so why not go and invest in the most recent software available which happens to be NaturallySpeaking?

There are several versions of the software available so be careful what you need it for. I paid $99 for the Teacher-Student version of NaturallySpeaking. I figured since I was in school I needed this particular version. This was the first mistake that I made. I did not realize that you had to be enrolled and proof had to be provided that I was indeed a student. This complicated matters because I was not immediately able to use the software as verification took a minimum of two days. I wasn’t really bothered by it because I knew I had an active account at Nazarene Bible College. Besides unusually enough, I was in no big hurry. I ended up getting my serial number a couple of days later and I was able to continue the installation process. The installation set up was basically the same as it has been since NaturallySpeaking came about.

The latest Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a far cry from the first predecessor DragonDictate which I became familiar with about 11 years ago. At that time, the program consisted of eight floppy disks and it took half a day to install. That’s when I couldn’t bear using the program because it was far from accurate and had many hang-ups. But all things considered it was top-of-the-line in technology in that era. Okay so I’ll get back to the point of NaturallySpeaking 11.
I have not use NaturallySpeaking since the very first version came about in 1998 or somewhere around. I don’t have much to go on to compare this version with earlier versions but I can tell you that this version is very good. It is the most accurate software I have ever used to date. My typing time has been drastically cut by more than half. Now I can blog in a matter of 20 min. or so. I cannot wait to get back to school and start writing papers using this software. It truly is innovative and quite inexpensive.

One of the most impressive features I have noticed is that the computer searches every written document on it in order to understand my voice. It has all of the classic commands of DragonDictate and is totally hands-free. The only thing is like earlier versions you must press the microphone button to activate Voice Recognition. It also works versatile with other programs on the computer including Internet Explorer, Yahoo messenger, and all-important Face Book. If you are looking for top-notch voice recognition, search no more. That’s basically all you need to know about this program. There are several different variations of this program including basic, premium, and professional. You will quickly learn how your investment has paid off. Sometimes paying more is the best route to go. You may get just what you pay for. I strongly recommend investing in this software!