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Enable Viacam

Many of us with DMD use a head tracking mouse to operate our computers. These typically are comprised of a special infrared camera and a reflective dot that is affixed to the users face and together they convert movement of the head to the mouse cursor. These systems can be expensive but there is a free alternative if you own a basic webcam. A member of DMD Pioneers brought such a solution to our attention.

Georg Li writes:

I use ‘enable Viacam’, a open source headmouse that makes use of any WebCam capable of 30 frames per second. It is free. Read a bit more about that on my article http://de.computerhilfsmittel.wikia.com/wiki/Enable_Viacam_%28EN%29

I use it all the time and I am very happy with it.

georg, 38, niv 23/7