23 November 2012 - by ~ 0 Comments

Article and Comments Import

I have finished importing the blog entries and comments into WordPress. The transition to WordPress is going smoothly and should be finished soon.

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02 August 2012 - by ~ 1 Comment

Happy Birthday Scott Sands!

Scott & Rebekah

On the behalf of DMD Pioneers, I would like to say Happy Birthday to our own Scott Sands. You truly inspire us all in your fighting spirit to keep striving for the future. Have a great day celebrating your 46th Birthday!  

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25 March 2012 - by ~ 0 Comments

Bowl for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

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Jonathan Woodcock, a member of DMD Pioneers and Kiwanis Club of Gloucester Township, NJ, is holding a bowling fundraiser for CureDuchenne and would like to invite anyone who can attend. The Gloucester Twp Blackwood (NJ) Kiwanis Club is hosting a Bowl-a-thon to raise money for CureDuchenne. Sunday, May 20, 2012 12:30pm until 2:30pm. 30 Strikes 501 […]

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24 March 2012 - by ~ 0 Comments

Fathers of Children with Muscular Dystrophy Resource Group

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The first meeting for the Fathers of Children with Muscular Dystrophy Resource Group will be held on March 28th, 2012 at MDA Tacoma Office at 6PM. All fathers and male caregivers of children with Muscular Dystrophy in the Tacoma, Washington and greater surrounding area are invited to attend. Please click on the flye for more […]

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18 March 2012 - by ~ 0 Comments

Website Upgrade Completed

The software that powers DMD Pioneers.org has been upgraded to the latest version. In addition to the update you will notice some design changes have been made. A new menu has been added to the left side of the page that lists each blog category allowing readers to read from specific categories. The DMD Pioneers […]

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08 March 2012 - by ~ 0 Comments

Software update

In the coming days the software that operates DMD Pioneers.org will be updated to the latest version. During this period of time some parts of the website may not work as intended until the upgrade is complete. Thanks for your patients and understanding as the upgrade progress.

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04 November 2011 - by ~ 0 Comments

Enable Viacam

Many of us with DMD use a head tracking mouse to operate our computers. These typically are comprised of a special infrared camera and a reflective dot that is affixed to the users face and together they convert movement of the head to the mouse cursor. These systems can be expensive but there is a […]

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21 September 2011 - by ~ 2 Comments

Get Back in the Game


There was a time when I used to play a lot driving and racing games on my computer and I had a lot of fun playing them. I was never really that good at driving the cars but even crashing them and flipping them over was fun in itself. The difficulty came when I started […]

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09 July 2011 - by ~ 0 Comments

Ventilator go BOOM!


Wednesday before last I had my LTV 800 ventilator traded out for preventative maintenance as usual. At 1:30 in afternoon the RT from my provider came out to exchange the vent with one freshly rebuilt and reconditioned vent directly from Viasys Healthcare. Everything went without a hitch. My settings were transferred to the new vent […]

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05 February 2011 - by ~ 0 Comments

Well Equipped

How much medical equipment does one need? If you have DMD or a similar condition then the answer may be A LOT. I am certainty in the A LOT category. Let’s see if I can name everything I have: Primary Power Wheelchair (obviously) with tilt/recline seating, seat cushion, micro Joystick. Backup Power Wheelchair with tilt/recline […]

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