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Keeping the Pace

It has been three weeks since my bold pacemaker surgery. So what’s it like having a device the size of a Silver Dollar implanted into my chest. Actually, I can hardly tell except for a three inch scare that seems to be fading away. The first time I felt the pacemaker working was the week after this procedure in the Device Clinic where they had several computers connected to this odd shaped magnet that was center less and kind of resembles an old eyeglass. I was already stoked about the fact that I was alive and this added to the awe of being checked over by this technician holding the magnet, It was strange seeing the readings on the computer monitors; Everything that my heart does right on the screen. That’s the first time in my life that I felt like Frankenstein; but anyhow, I was very relieved to learn that everything with my pacemaker was spot on; they were very pleased with the results.

During the 20 minute diagnostic session, how cool is that, The Pacemaker Guru increased my heart rate enough to let me feel it power up; made that up. Unlike most pacemakers, mine is continuous and if my hearts need more ump, when this happens I will feel a wild sensation in my heart. It was frightening at first when I felt anything from it. It was one day last week when my heart rate dropped to near 40; immediately I felt my heart speeding up and seeing how it was 130 beats per minute, I panicked. It actual felt like it had driven itself up my frontal lobe of my brain. Once I realized I was fine, it became rather amusing like Steven Tyler; my get up and go got up and went. We called my Cardiologist and they are going to bring the high limit down around 95 or else my head might pop off. My next appointment is on June 1, I can’t wait 🙂

Guys, this pacemaker made all the difference for me. It’s so nice not feeling my pulse jump around; oh and laying down is a dream. I never felt so relaxed watching my flat screen with my pillows and blanket and my little dog Peppy. I feel so blessed to have been given this wonderful new lease on life. A few months ago we were anticipating planning my funeral, now I don’t think I’m going anywhere soon. The important things I once thought aren’t so important anymore; the only thing that matters is God, Robin, and my fury little friends. So if you drop by leave a note, I’m out living!