12 August 2010 - by ~ 2 Comments

Love is a Batte Field

Pat Benatar is not the only one to understand what love truly is. It’s a vicious blood sport in which only the strong survive. At least if you have DMD. I basically stayed on the sidelines waiting for a girl friend to suddenly appear out of nowhere and we’d live happily ever after. It apparently doesn’t work like that. Now I need a plan B and have probably a very little time to put it into action.

First I need to actually go outside and meet a nice women who isn’t married or into women. Then you have to say hello before they run screaming from the room (or chat room, or other cyber forum). Then you hope the woman actually wants to get to know you and once she gets to know you, likes you. You may even decide you don’t want them, even if they like you. Finally, they have to not care that you are funny looking or talk like Darth Vader. Not Empire Strikes Back Vader, but the dying Return of the Jedi Vader who can’t breathe and talk at the same time without getting winded. (Example- “Luke… gasp… you were right… gasp… Tell your sister… gasp… you were right.”)

Good luck!

  • Marcus C. Ritchie II

    being 33 with DMD, I know all to well the battle. but do ever think it might be unfair to the women? this is just something I think about sometimes. for instance, in my case, I can’t touch her face, grab her in a tight embrance, tuck her hair behind her ear, or even put my hand on her thigh 😉 things I would love to do, but just physicly can’t. things she probably would wan’t me to do. I’d like to know what you think. and this is in no way to be meant as hostile. just curious.

  • Rena Massey

    Although I do not have muscular dystrophy, I am a handicapped woman. I suffer from mental illness, and I also have severe arthritis. I am overweight as well. I want to tell you that there are good people out there. I met a fine man three years ago. He is also handicapped. But we are both good, intelligent, and humorous people and we deserve to be loved. You do too.