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The Usual Pains

Hey everyone!  It’s yet another nice day in my world; why nice because I go on to live another day despite having DMD.  I wanted to blog yesterday but I was dealing with major back pain and I was on some high kicking meds that just downright make me silly.  You come to expect some kind of pain especially as we get older with this plight.  Some have actually had no pain to deal with like our friend Stephen in BC; I’m thrilled that you have no pain brother.

Compared to what other Pioneers, I guess I am a lightweight when it comes to pain medicine.  It’s not like I’m taking Oxycontin, no, I have to take Tramadol which is fairly good as long as I take it regularly.  I have tried Davocet before but I hallucinate even on the lowest drug on the totem pole.  Usually the back pain is reoccurring and surly will veer its ugly head again.  Every morning it seems like I wake with some part of my body in pain.  I dread the day when I might have to go on a pain patch such as Fentanyl. I’m afraid that I would be incapacitated by the drug.  I know some of us use these patches, so how do you function under the influence of these necessary drugs?

Despite all of these med worries, my ICD Surgery is slated for April 30 when I return from Disney, can’t wait to meet one of our brothers, Scott Sands whom happens to live in Orlando, by the way he inspired me to have this surgery.  I will go in the night before at UVA Medical Center where they will do all the tests they need to do.  Then, the next day while they’re doing a heart cath, they say they will go ahead and place the device if everything looks fine.  I will be under conscience sedation; that going to be very strange.

  • Stephen King

    Good article Mike! By the way I’m from Ontario not BC. lol
    No big deal!

  • Jonathan Hinek

    Good luck on your surgery, Mike.

    I have recurrent nerve pain, it’s usually in my right foot, primarily in the toes. It can circulate, though, and end up as high as my thigh or as a dull ache in my back. It’s usually an electrical sensation, a burning, or a stabbing pain that comes and goes in cycles. Sometimes I can go for weeks without any pain, for no apparent reason. At other times, I have to take medication daily for a week or two.

    Up until a couple weeks ago I was on Neurontin, which is a medication for neuropathic pain. In general, it is a well-tolerated drug that doesn’t seem to have any major impact on the respiratory system, at least not at the dosage I was on. Unfortunately, it does seem to have some sexual side effects, and according to some preliminary research it may even lower sperm count. Since my partner and I have been trying to have a baby, we figure it’s best to be conservative, so I have stopped taking it for now. We’re currently looking into other alternatives.