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21 September 2011 - by ~ 2 Comments

Get Back in the Game


There was a time when I used to play a lot driving and racing games on my computer and I had a lot of fun playing them. I was never really that good at driving the cars but even crashing them and flipping them over was fun in itself. The difficulty came when I started […]

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30 August 2011 - by ~ 0 Comments


I browse through the catalog of e-books on, find a book I want and download it to my kindle reader on my PC. In a matter of seconds, the book is on my computer and ready to be read. It is so convenient, and for a person with a disability, like me, it makes […]

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13 August 2010 - by ~ 1 Comment

My Total Immersion into Photography

It’s not a surprise that finding fulfilling hobbies is a challenge for those of us with severe mobility impairments.   This August marks a year since I took the giant leap into the world of digital photography.   I took this leap not only because of my desire to become a well rounded journalist but for a […]

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