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17 September 2010 - by ~ 1 Comment

Gout Boy

A rough week of pain reminded me of earlier this summer when tremendous discomfort invaded my left hand and wrist and forced me to pay a rare visit to the orthopedist. I don’t like going to the orthopedist because I usually face ridiculously lengthy wait periods. I certainly have about a thousand better things to […]

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12 August 2010 - by ~ 2 Comments

Love is a Batte Field

Pat Benatar is not the only one to understand what love truly is. It’s a vicious blood sport in which only the strong survive. At least if you have DMD. I basically stayed on the sidelines waiting for a girl friend to suddenly appear out of nowhere and we’d live happily ever after. It apparently doesn’t work […]

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04 April 2010 - by ~ 3 Comments

Depression and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

I was first prescribed antidepressant when I was 17 years of age as a way to help me cope with the challenges associated with the progression of DMD. At the time I thought little of the connection between depression and DMD, I was just not happy.  My parents noticed my downward spiral before I did.  […]

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30 March 2010 - by ~ 2 Comments

The Usual Pains

Hey everyone!  It’s yet another nice day in my world; why nice because I go on to live another day despite having DMD.  I wanted to blog yesterday but I was dealing with major back pain and I was on some high kicking meds that just downright make me silly.  You come to expect some […]

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